About Chiropractic Symphony

Family chiropractic clinic located in Forest Hill, Victoria

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“Welcome to Chiropractic Symphony, your place for genuine, caring and expert chiropractic care. 

Being a chiropractor isn’t just a job; it’s our life’s work and dedication. We’re here to empower you with precision care and help to find the answers to your health concerns.

We invite you to visit our clinic, a healing space where we promise to give you the best possible care.”

Dr Chew Huay Lua

Principal Chiropractor

Chiropractic Symphony

Chiropractic Symphony – a family chiropractic clinic located in Forest Hill, Victoria

A holistic approach to your spinal health and nervous system wellbeing

We’re here to make sure your spine and nervous system are working in harmony and supporting your body’s natural ability to heal.

With a caring and patient-focused approach, we tailor each treatment to your individual needs so we can help you live life to its fullest potential.

We’re here for your whole family

We offer chiropractic services for the whole family, from babies to the elderly, with a caring and age-appropriate approach to treatments. We tailor our services individually to reduce the symptoms of painful conditions and relieve restricted movement.

We listen to you

Our thorough examination process means we listen to you to understand your pain, situation and personal needs. If you have any concerns, we’re here to help you with a caring approach to make sure you’re comfortable every step of the way.

We’re focused on your health

We believe health is the best form of wealth we can achieve in life, and a healthy spine and nervous system are the strongest foundations for your health. We’re here to help you overcome pain and live a healthy, happy life with genuine and personalised chiropractic care.

We provide personalised treatment

We don’t offer inflexible care plans or force you to book multiple appointments upfront. We provide personalised care tailored specifically to your needs. Your treatment is designed to achieve the best results with minimal adjustments and no unnecessary clinic visits.


We genuinely care about providing the right treatment for the best outcomes.


Our chiropractors are highly-qualified, accredited and experienced health practitioners.


We take a thorough approach to examining your condition and applying your treatments.



Our chiropractic care is meticulous, with precise, evidence-based adjustments.

A Gonstead chiropractic clinic


As a Gonstead chiropractic clinic, our approach is specific, thorough and precise. Using meticulous analysis, we explore the interaction between nerves, muscles and bones using various assessment tools for a detailed diagnosis.

Once we find the problem, we design a course of care that aims to give you great results with minimal adjustments.

we find it

We find it

We thoroughly examine the whole spine and nervous system to pinpoint the exact cause of your pain.

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We fix it

We use precise adjustments and Gonstead chiropractic methods to correct any misalignment.

we leave it alone

We leave it alone

We give the body time to heal and restore nerve function naturally after your adjustment.

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“The seasons are what a symphony ought to be; four perfect movements in harmony with each other.”

Arthur Rubinstein

Our name, Chiropractic Symphony, represents the idea of a body in harmony. Bones, muscles, nerves and tendons working together to give you freedom of movement and freedom from pain.

When your body is in alignment and moving in harmony, your body is a symphony carrying you through the opus of life


Dr Chew Huay Lua


Chiropractic Symphony is led by Dr Chew Huay Lua, an experienced chiropractor who has spent many hours and years mastering the specific skills required to practice the Gonstead chiropractic method.

With dedication and precision, Dr Chew takes her patients through a thorough assessment to get to the cause of the problem and help them achieve a better quality of pain-free life.

While some are surprised that such a petite chiropractor can perform successful adjustments, chiropractic is about specificity and speed, not size and strength. And Dr Chew has extensive experience working with patients of all ages, sizes and conditions.

With a friendly and caring manner, Dr Chew empowers her patients to look at health holistically. Her goal is to help your body heal and show you how correcting even the slightest misalignment can assist your recovery.

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  • Bachelor of Health Science (Chiropractic) with Distinction
  • Master of Clinical Chiropractic with Distinction
  • Extremities certification by the International Board of Extremity Chiropractors


As well as her existing qualifications, Dr Chew attends regular seminars and professional development workshops to master her skills further and continue to build her knowledge.


We’re proud members of

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Based in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, we welcome patients from all over town


Our clinic in Forest Hill welcomes patients from all over Melbourne. We’re conveniently located for those living in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, including:

  • Forest Hill
  • Box Hill
  • Blackburn
  • Glen Waverley
  • Vermont
  • Nunawading
  • Yarra Valley

And surrounds.

While we’re conveniently located for those in the eastern suburbs, many patients travel far to visit our clinic. In fact, some are happy to drive for hours to receive our best quality care.

If you’re visiting from overseas and need chiropractic care to help with body aches and pains exacerbated by a long flight, please contact us for an appointment. All are welcome at Chiropractic Symphony, and we’ll help you feel at ease when you’re so far from home.

We’re here to help you feel better and move better with personalised chiropractic care